Tile Industry : Glaze Stains

Glaze stains are materials obtained from the reaction of different oxides at high temperatures. They have a low solubility in glazes and hence result in appealing colors in different shades when added to the glaze.

  Zr-Pr-Si   Zr-V-Si   Zr-Fe-Si   Zr-Cd-S-Si   Zr-Cd-S-Se-Si  
  Yellow   Turquoise Blue   Coral Red   Reddish Yellow   Red  
  Zr-Cd-S-Se-Si   Fe-Cr-Zn-Al   Fe-Cr-Al-Zn   Co-Al   Co-Si  
  Orange   Golden Brown   Red Brown   Blue   Cobalt Blue  
  Cr   Sn-Cr-Ca-Si   Co-Fe-Cr  
  Chrome Green   Pink   Black  

  • Maximum Temperature: 1230 °C
  • Residue #400: <1%
  • Package: 25kg/unit
  • Color may vary as shown depending on application and are for indication only
  • Custom made colors available